The National Press Photographers Association, also known as the NPPA went live Via Facebook in hopes to share information about what photojournalist and TV photographers are doing to shoot stories, now that there is a worldwide lock down. The President of NPPA, Andrew Stanfill, along with others share this information in a way that all people can understand and be aware of. As I will only be touching on only a few points, readers can find the full video by clicking this link:

The panel speaks out about safety in the NPPA community. Chris Post from the NPPA, says as a former EMT he knows that it is important to take this seriously and be cautious. Social distancing, which for a photojournalist or other news sources, means to not go to more than 1 place for sources, information and photos a day. Going to the local hospital is one thing, but then going to Town Hall then another location to talk to law enforcements is not healthy. He also points out that you also must protect yourself as well, no story and photo is more important than your health or the health of others around you. When finding information on what to do during this time or what precautions help the most, go to a reliable health institution. Houston Chronicle’s Marie De Jesús and Jill Geisler from Loyola/Freedom Forum send a message to all news leaders. These leaders should be 100% understanding at this time if one does that feel comfortable shooting at a location, acknowledging the fact that someone’s health could be at risk, if not their own. Workers should feel secure when they decline a news story and not think they will be in trouble for it in the long run. Joe Little an MMJ on NBC 7 San Diego gave advice to have hope, share positive and hopeful stories during this time. Everyone is in the house, watching the news a few times a day if not all day. It must be depressing to hear over and over about deaths that this COVID-19 as brought to our country; but it is important to share the people who have won the COVID-19 battle or just other stories that are positive for the community. NPPA Vice President, Katie Schoolov from CNBC says that people are okay with skyping for interviews, that is completely fine during this time. Skype has made a new feature for this so that people who do not have an account can be able to do interviews with people from news stations. The most important part of all of this is to just stay safe. Take the appropriate and necessary precautions for this pandemic. Our community and our world need all the dependable sources and news to know how to flatten the curve. The NPPA did us all a favor to let us know how to deal with this problem in a journalist and photojournalist perspective. Be safe, wash your hands and think of others before doing something or going anywhere that could harm our world any further.

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