Social Distancing at the Fair

For the final project in my photojournalism class, we had to cover a type of event and create a photo story book using the Stellar app. The app gave an Instagram or Snapchat story feel, each slide was a few seconds long, where captions could be added to the picture and/or video, or it could just be a text slide. I really enjoyed using the app, it was easy and fun to use. I was able to get creative with my story, I covered which made me a little more interested in using the app.

For the project I covered the Lucas County Fair. The Lucas County fair is for people who raise cattle, bunnies, chicken, goats and much more come out and show what they have been working on all year. To name a few, the animals are judged based on their breed, weight, color and height. Other than livestock contest, there is a pageant as well. There are 3 winners, starting with the 4-H queen and works its way down to the second and third place winners. The Lucas County Fair also had several different activities, there were carnival rides, food, games and some venders. The fair was just a great environment to be in. You can check out what all the fair had to offer by viewing my Steller app story through this link: or going to the last final days of the fair, until Sunday, July 19th 2020 at 1406 Key St. Maumee, OH. Tickets are $5 per person, free for kids under 12 with free parking.

While I was at the fair, I interviewed 3 people who were all in different aspects of the fair. Shane Warner, president of the Lucas County Agriculture Society, Taylor Common, who was the first-place winner for the cattle contest, and Amanda Dawn, who was a vendor selling some crafts. The interview that stuck out most to me was Amanda Dawn’s, because she talked about how COVID took a financial toll on her family, but being able to come to the fair with a bigger audience to buy her work was helpful to earn some extra cash. COVID, has been hard on everyone, whether it be not being able to go work or finish face to face classes, or even just being worried about getting sick. I think it was important that the fair made it happened for it to still open this year despite everything going on, I think it gave some people comfort to be able to participate. The fair was open and although they did not require face mask, they did make sure there were big red “social distancing” signs throughout the site.

Honestly, I really enjoyed this project. Not only did it make me more aware of how people everywhere are still being impacted by COVID, but also made me appreciate the small things. Its little events like this, that would make everyone cheer up a little during this time to feel like normal again.

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